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Visrama provides therapies for people with Learning and Physical disabilities across Greater Manchester.


Visrama provides Massage therapy to People with Learning and Physical disabilities in their own homes, supported accommodation or nursing care environments. The treatments Visrama offer not only provides physical benefits but emotional benefits too. The social interaction that takes place during treatments is just as important as the actual physical contact. The powerful healing received from physical touch is well documented, and the people who use this service can enjoy gentle physical therapy and one on one time with a caring professional experienced in care needs. According to many studies the results can be quite profound. Each therapy is person centred and tailored to the needs of each person.

As Visrama comes to you the activity can take place in a more relaxed and enjoyable setting, which may feel less intimidating and help the person to be more responsive to treatment.

A massage bed where the person can lie down and relax for a full body massage is provided or If you prefer you can sit in the comfort of your own chair or wheelchair. This is beneficial for anyone who is recovering from treatment or just feeling tense. It is non-invasive as the client remains fully clothed. The areas gently worked usually involve a massage of your neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands and feet.